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 Thought Leader 

As a Thought Leader you are moving the entire interconnected practice group forward (as opposed to connecting and contributing collaboratively to the narrative as an Influencer).


Many people hesitate, lament and will sit on new ways to do things, advance their practice or develop new knowledge and never know how to capitalise on its value. A Though Leader is someone who reflects on their practice or enterprise and through reflexivity finds new knowledge or new ways to practice.


Once your Influencer profile has achieved some acclaim, solid connectivity and sharing you can expand your narrative into the Though Leadership space.


As a Thought leader you are leading the way in your given practice or niche. 


Career Portfolio will aid your Career trajectory as a Thought Leader so you have the opportunity to pursue a rewarding entrepreneurial or academic advantage. Your new knowledge around your niche, your practice and your enterprise is of value to the network of connections you have developed as an Influencer. 

this IS best foR... 

... people who have developed a niche or unique practice that they feel can benefit others. Ideal for moving into consulting, academe or role of authority.



Speak at conferences, or hold your own series of presentations.


Create and offer a series of workshops on your topic to grow your connected followers' practice.


Start writing a book, blog or journal article.


Expand your Though Leadership further with academic practice-based research and contribute to the body of knowledge.

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