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Stand out from the crowd with a uniquely curated portfolio detailing your impact and accomplishments throughout your career.

A large part of your work effort is invisible in a resume. When it comes to a promotion, job application or even inviting investors to consider you as an ideal candidate, you need to sing and stand out as memorable and authentic.

Your audiences want to see not only where you have worked or volunteered but what you have contributed to, and more importantly how you collaborate and show leadership. You can lead from any chair. Future employers or investors want to have confidence in your ability and leadership behaviour. 

A Career Portfolio will give your audience a dynamic preview into the wonderful work you have done throughout your career.  It makes your most important asset, your Career, shine with a concise and compelling Portfolio of your accomplishments.

this IS best foR... 

... people who value their Career as their prized asset. It is ideal if you are going for a promotion, inviting capital venture investment, introducing yourself to a new audience or interviewing for a new job. Your Portfolio is a live asset which you can edit or add to as your Career grows and changes. 



The Portfolio Pack includes all the items in the Profile Pack. Click on My Profile Pack to see more.


Own your leadership style. Complete a series of surveys that will identify your dominant leadership influences and behaviours.


Identify your preferred innovation and collaboration mix and lead through any ambiguity, VUCA or opportunity.


We deep dive into what your Career reveals with a scan of your resume structure to identify projects to use as ase Stsudies.


Blow away your audience with the creation of compelling and concise case studies detailing your leadership and project work to populate your Portfolio site.

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