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Many people will be happy to use their Career Portfolio for employment and promotion. However its potential is far greater. Your greatest asset, your Career, can become its own enterprise.


Your Career is not just where you work and how long you worked there. It is a richer complexity of capability and evidenced impact that can have far reaching implications for broader audiences. However your greatest asset needs to be put to work otherwise it doesn’t reach its full potential. It would be like owning land and leaving it empty. 


With My Brand we now take a turn and start to think of your Career as a business not just an asset. It’s like owning land (asset) and using it for business (hotel, theme park, agriculture, or enterprise). 


In order to start turning your Career into a business you need to develop your brand strategy. Career Portfolio will take you through five simple steps to leverage your Career from asset to enterprise.

this IS best foR... 

... people who have an entrepreneurial flair and have developed a niche or unique practice that they feel can benefit others. Ideal for growing networks and building your audience followership.



Identify who you want to work with and why, then identify the market segments for your audience/s. 


Build a recognisable label, logo or graphic visual that will let people easily identify you and your enterprise.


Create a social media strategy for interacting with your audience and creating a shared narrative. 


Set up your legal entity and register your brand so that you are protected.


Set up an annual or monthly action plan that drives the enterprise and measures its impact.

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