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Everyone has something to contribute to their community. Your words, actions or connections can change the way people live, think or behave. Being an Influencer is not about being a celebrity, it’s about stepping up and being present.


Many people have opinions, talent, skill and knowledge but shy away from sharing it for a number of fears or doubts. Others have little and seek celebrity. The digital and non-digital landscape provides a platform for your contribution on a global scale. 


An Influencer is someone who shares ideas, connects ideas and creates a collaborative shared narrative. 


Now that you have built your Profile, created your Portfolio, and developed your Brand you are ready to start leveraging this hard work. The Career Portfolio Influencer pack takes you through a detailed steps to help you establish an authentic position as an Influencer in a contemporary global setting.  

this IS best foR... 

... people who have an entrepreneurial flair and have developed a niche or unique practice that they feel can benefit others. Ideal for connecting networks, making an impact or growing your enterprise.



Identify where your audience is and where they live.


Create your own assets and leverage existing assets to connect people with ideas. 


Leverage your social media strategy,  interaction with your audience and creation of a shared narrative. 

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