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Last Modified: June 22, 2020


This is a contract between you (the “Affiliate”) and us (“Career Portfolio”). It describes how we will work together and other aspects of our business relationship. It is a legal document so we encourage you to seek independent advice.


The Affiliate Program Agreement applies to your participation in our Affiliate Program (the “Affiliate Program”).  You cannot participate in our Affiliate Program unless you agree to the following terms.


We periodically update these terms. We might also choose to replace these terms in their entirety if, for example, the Affiliate Program changes, ends, or becomes part of an existing program, including our partner programs. If we update or replace the terms we will let you know via electronic means, which may include an in-app notification or by email. If you don’t agree to the update or replacement, you can choose to terminate as we describe below.

Affiliate 1.0.png
Affiliate 1.1.png
Affiliate 1.2.png
Affiliate 2.0.png
Affiliate 3.0.png
Affiliate 4.0.png
Affiliate 4.1.png
Affiliate 4.5-4.8b.png
Affiliate 5.0.png
Affiliate 6.0.png
Affiliate 7.0.png
Affiliate 8.0.png
Affiliate 9.0.png
Affiliate 10.0.png
Affiliate 10.1.png
Affiliate 11.png
Affiliate 12.0.png
Affiliate 13.0.png
Affiliate 14.0.png
Affiliate 15.png
Affiliate 15.1.png
Affiliate 15.2.png
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